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Properly Using & Caring for Your Kitchen Knives

Using the wrong knife can not only damage your food, but can cause a serious injury in the kitchen. Using the proper knife for each job in the kitchen gives you more control over the blade so you can efficiently cut, slice and chop your food, not your fingers.
A chef’s knife is ideally suited for firm ingredients like chopping onions, hard vegetables or for dicing herbs.
A pairing knife is better for seeding, copping stems, peeling potatoes or coring tomatoes.
A serrated knife for slicing bread and delicate items like pastry and soft fruits like kiwi so you won’t destroy the shape.

Always carefully wash your knives by hand as the high heat in the dishwasher can warp wood handles and the blades can become dull by moving around on the rack. Dry them immediately with extreme care using a lint-free cloth and soak up any excess water, which can discolor them.
Good kitchen knifes are an investment for long-term performance and safety in the kitchen. Store them away safely until the next use.

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