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Marinara Sauce

Olive oil
Onion medium 1
Garlic cloves 4 – 6
White wine ¼ cup
Crushed tomatoes 2 X 28 oz can
Basil 5 – 8 leaves
Sugar ½ teaspoon
Italian seasoning
Salt & pepper

Peel the onion and the garlic. Chop the onion finely and crush the garlic cloves. Saute the onion in a pan of hot olive oil for 2 minutes (do not color). Add the crushed garlic and cook slowly for two more minutes (light gold color ), then pour the white wine to “deglace.” Bring wine to a boil, add 2 cans of crushed tomato, Italian seasoning, chopped basil, sugar, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and let cook slowly while mixing sometime until the sauce thickens, 20 to 30 minutes.

To Use Fresh Plum Tomatos:
Bring water to a boil in a pot. Wash the tomatoes, cut out the stem and slice a cross over the top. Put the tomatos in the boiling water for 15 seconds or until the skin starts to peel. Strain the tomatoes out of the boiling water and put them in cold water, than peel and chop the tomatoes.
Proceed with the recipe as directed above, but cook slowly for at least 1 hour.


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