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Italian Cuisine – Homemade Pasta Dough / Italian Sauces / Pasta and Lasagna



Ravioli-4-Malden-Bridge-ChefHomemade pasta is usually made with durum wheat – also called semolina. The taste, texture and flavor of fresh, homemade pasta – Farfalle, linguini, ravioli, etc. –  is almost incomparable to store bought, dried pasta. Many recipes can be made with homemade pasta dough like cannelloni stuffed with a Ricotta cheese or chopped meat-based mix, or lasagna. When making home made lasagna, you can roll the dough cut it in sheets sized to your cooking tray and prevent different layers from mixing during baking.


The main Italian sauces – like marinara, vodka, Bolognese, Alfredo – can be used with any type of pasta, as well as with cannelloni or lasagna in which the ricotta cheese can also be replaced with a more flavorful, thick béchamel and cheese sauce. While making homemade pasta requires more time than opening a box, many people agree that the work is worth it. It’s also entertaining and a great way to connect with friends and family.

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