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‘En papillote’

‘En papillote’ is a French term for cooking in a pouch-like package, ideally made with parchment paper but you can also use aluminum foil paper.  All of the ingredients, such as fish or chicken and vegetables, are put together in a carefully folded, sealed package which goes directly into the oven. Typically, this method works best for seafood but it works very well with poultry as well. Seafood and poultry can be pre-cooked before they are put into the papillote. This is one of the best methods to steam in flavorful liquids from fish, chicken and vegetables, or from added liquid such as water, wine or stock. I work with a variety of julienne vegetables – the cut being important to the cooking process as well as to the presentation. The fish and vegetables will cook together and be very moist and infused with flavor, as the vegetables are evenly distributed at the bottom.  The cooking process is a gentle one.  Your guests should slice or tear open the papillote and will be delighted with this very aromatic and of course delicious dinner. Serve along with rice or quinoa for example. This can be a low fat dish, however, I like to add one of my sauces depending on the ingredients I am working with. But it’s all a matter of taste.


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