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Chocolate Tart

Tart Crust (unsweetened)
Flour 9 oz.
Butter 4.5 oz.
Water 4 – 6 tablespoon
1 pinch of salt
Put the flour with the salt in a bowl. Add the butter (room temperature) and cut in small pieces (1/4”). Mix together in a mixer or by hand until you obtain a sand-like texture.  Add water and continue mixing until the mixture forms a ball. Let rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes.

Cook a Tart Crust “a blanc” (Alone Without Any Garnish)
Put the batter into the pan, cover with parchment paper and fill with dried white beans. Bake at 375º F for 15-20 minutes (Until sides start to get lightly brown), then remove the paper and the beans and continue baking until the bottom of the crust is lightly brown 10-15 minutes.

Mixture for Chocolate Tart (Ganache)
Heavy Cream 1 cup
Chocolate Chips 9 oz.
Boil the cream in a pan, remove from heat, add the chocolate and mix with a wisk until smooth.

Chocolate Tart
Cook the crust “a blanc.” Add the warm Ganache on the top and refrigerate.



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