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Baking crust, dough & puff pastry Tip

Before baking a tart crust, cookie dough or anything made with puff pastry, put the oven ready tray in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes or until the fat contained in the crust, dough or puff pastry becomes strong. You will have a better result at the end since the fat will not melt before starting to cook. This does not apply to dough containing live yeast, fresh or active dried (like bread), since the dough is supposed to raise at a warm temperature before being baked.


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Safety Tip

When handling a hot pot, pan, tray or any kitchen utensils remember to never use a damp or wet towel or glove, the heat passes through humidity instantly and you will burn yourself.


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Viennoiseries, which translates to “things of Vienna” are baked goods including French specialties such as croissant, brioche, pain au chocolat, chausson aux pommes, pain au raisons… These baked goods would also include items like apple turnovers, cinnamon buns… They are typically served with breakfast or brunch rather than as an after dinner dessert.
Take a look at the pictures from our Viennoiseries class below:



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